Week 1 - Research

For week 1 of final project, we decided to go for the topic of lighting experience for the home. We did some research on origami light and we studied design language of some companies. We found Muji is quite suitable for the clean, minimalist style for the concept of our project. We talked to Henry and Jordan and they have shown us some fabulous projects about origami lights. Though, at this phase we still need to develop the concept and try to figure out the detail of the remaining parts such as the stand and the base.

Week 2 - Exploration and Conceptualize Ideas

For week 2, we tried to explore the paper folding method for the origami light. We want to test the difficulties for making this project to happen.



  1. We first draw the construction lines on the paper before we fold it. By doing this step, we are able to plan ahead before the folding is done. This step is important because if there is one mistake on the paper, it will be visually obvious and it might affect how the paper will bend. At this stage we are using hard sketch paper for the paper to hold itself.



  1. After folding the paper according to the construction line, the basic shape is done. The paper is now flexible like a spring where we can press it and it will return back to the normal shape.


  1. Before we have the meeting with Henry and Jordan, we have made 3 piece of the origami shaped paper and tape it together. The shape and pattern is quite satisfying and it provides further inspiration for our project.

Week 3

The design language of Neri + Hu Studio has inspired our project ideas. Their design language is to use western design knowledge of point, line, plane and then contrast it with the Chinese culture. Neri + Hu Studio's works such as YanZi light was inspired by swallows. In Chinese culture, if swallows stay underneath a person's house, it means bringing a good fortune to this family. The combination of the western minimalist design with lines and the Chinese culture of swallows creates a fabulous work by Neri + Hui studio. We can also see a heavy Chinese culture elements in their other works as well.

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